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Do I have to pay the taxes or duties or other charges?

Absolutely not – the doll is shipped to all Europe countries and is our responsibility when it arrives into the country, therefore it is our responsibility to pay the customs charges.
The price you see on the website is the price you pay. Besides the Europe countries, you need to pay the taxes.

Is quality certified ?

We have CE certified qualification ensuring you get the best quality dolls.Beware other sellers selling counterfeit dolls or inferior dolls for. Yes there are cheaper dolls out there, they come from other manufactures who use cheaper grade, even recycled materials.You work hard for your money, don't buy an inferior counterfeit doll.

Using instructions !

The new silicone sex doll will have a slight taste, and ventilation for a few days.The skeleton is a metal frame, can be fixed commonly used posture, do not recommend long-term standing.The vagina can be heated, we will send the heating rod, but the heating rod is a gift, due to the use of improper gift caused by sex doll damage, does not belong to the seller’s responsibility.The silica gel and TPE are very soft material. Please do not over-stretch the doll .

How to clean the doll ?

When wash it, please use the water temperature 45 degrees centigrade.Cleaning with water and shower gel,and then use a clean towel to dry water, Put the doll in a cool, ventilated place is easy to be saved.You can give the doll a little talcum powder coated to reduce odor.

It’s important to clean the doll after each use for reasons, including the following:

1. To maintain proper hygiene
2. To increase the longevity
3. To maintain performance and enjoyment

For regular cleaning, we recommend using fresh, warm water and the provided douche to flush out all orifices. This process should remove any lubricants or bodily fluids if done correctly. Depending on the use, you should flush each orifice 5-10 times, while allowing drainage in between each flush.

To allow water to full drain from both orifices, we recommend leaving the doll in a seated position on a clean towel for 30-60 minutes. After this, the doll should be returned to a flat, rested position until the next use.

Cleaning all general skin surface areas should be done gently with a warm wash cloth or towel. This should be done very gently to avoid marking the silicone latex material. Full body cleaning should be done every 2-4 weeks to avoid any bacteria build up.

How to protect her ?

To take best care of the doll, we recommend the following:

- Clean thoroughly after each use - Allow water to drain after cleaning - Store in a flat, rested position to avoid any stretch marks

- Keep in a cool environment that has minimal temperature change

- Keep the wig regularly brushed to avoid tangles

Taking these steps and will increase the lifetime of your doll and maintain your experience to a high level of satisfaction.

Other steps can be taken to care for your doll which can be found on the Longevity page in this guide. 

What about the storage ?

When storing the doll, care should be taken to increase the longevity of the doll and maintain its performance.

In between uses, the doll should be kept in a suitable environment. Steps and suggestions include the following:

- Keep the doll in a flat, rested position - Store the doll in a cool environment that has minimal temperature change (15°C to 25°C).

- Keep the doll dry and clean at all times.

- Keep the doll undressed to avoid colour transfer or markings.

- Keep the doll out of direct sunlight to avoid colour change or fading.

To keep the doll secure and discrete, you can use the provided shipping carton as a means for storage, ensuring the care blanket is used to protect the doll from the cardboard edges. 

After shipping & before receiving ?

Once you place your order on our website, the process is as follows:
1 – We check over your order to ensure everything is OK
2 – The order is sent through to our production team
3 – The doll is built – we are sent images of the doll for the first line quality check
4 – The doll is shipped to our warehouse in the UK where it undergoes a physical quality control check
5 – The doll is then shipped to you, depending on when you have requested delivery
Production time of the doll is around 3 days once we have placed the order with our suppliers. Then it takes anywhere between 7 days for the doll to arrive at our warehouse in the UK.
Shipping time is generally next working day once we receive the doll and have inspected it for quality, but will vary depending on location. You will usually receive your doll within 14 days of ordering with us.
On rare occasion an unavoidable delay may occur during the production of your doll, of which we will notify you via email.
If we are shipping to countries outside of the UK, the doll will be sent direct to the customer. We will still handle the customs etc.

What is refund and return policy ?

As your sex doll is a custom product created just for you, once production of your doll has begun your order may not be cancelled for any reason.

A Replacement will be granted only if you have received an incorrect item due to our error. If you have received a defective item, we may opt to fix it or replace it at our discretion. In which case we are happy to pay for the return shipping, fix or replace the item at no additional charge and ship it back to you. (standard production and shipping times apply). For more information on this, see our EASYLOVE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee here.

You should report any problems with your product within 24 hours of accepting delivery.
WARNING: Sex toy laws dictate that we cannot accept a return of a sex doll.
Unfortunately, Items that are damaged through improper use are not eligible for repair or exchange, regardless of the duration of time the product was used for.
Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any problem with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to fix the issue immediately.

We ship the product is brand new. When you receive the silicone doll, you must check the goods on the spot. At the time of inspection found quality problems, we are responsible for return. If there is no such problem, not to change.If you have any problem, after receiving the goods, please feel free to communicate with us. We will try to help you solve the problem until you are satisfied. Your satisfaction is our greatest encouragement.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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