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EASYLOVE accepts PayPal, Credit Card,Debit Card,West Union and T/T, as our payment method, and US dollar, Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian dollars and Euros as our currencies, please let us know which one you prefer,We are working towards accepting more payment methods and currencies in future to make your shipping more convenient. Any news about the new payment methods and curreccies will be updated on this page. 

Note 1: Please make sure you key in the correct English delivery address in the process of checkout, Otherwise the items you order will be sent out to your default PayPal address.  

Note 2: If your payment is declined as following, please call your bank to confirm your transaction, then your payment will be accepted.

Discreet Billing

What appears on your PayPal statement? - We've taken great measures to ensure that when your PayPal is charged it has NO mention of this website, or the products that you buy from us - we guarantee your complete privacy with all charges from us. What actually shows on your PayPal statement is, "payment for your order#".

Everything is in stock

In stock, means in stock! - We've developed our own stock management system that means all products shown on our website are in stock at the time of purchase. In reality this means, that 99.99% of items are in stock - unfortunately when you involve technology and humans there are sometimes glitches, and/or items being miss-reported. In a warehouse with several thousand products this is unavoidable, but we try our very best, and our warehouse staff do an excellent job in keeping our system as correct as possible. With that in mind, and in the very unlikely event that you place and order and we're out of stock of an item, we will politely contact you as soon as possible - we ask that you pay us the same polite courtesy.



After your payment is completed, please wait until you are redirected back to our shop. Do not hit the back button. Thank you.