Most People Favorite Doll w/Small Breasts

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  • Built-in metal skeleton with joints on hands and feet.
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Foot Function
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All dolls we offer are made of high quality silicone + TPE material,Not a cheap blow up doll ( inflatable doll ).Rest assured to buy.Sex dolls can provide you with all the same joys that your spouse or partner may offer you in your bedroom.There are times when your spouse or partner is not always available, when you want action in the bedroom.Therefore,the best solution is to have it with a Silicone Companion.We will work with you from start to finish to ensure you get your dream doll.

Optional colors of eyes:


Optional skin colors for you to choose:


The built-in vagina is better if you want her more natural; The insert one (removable) can be changed for others to use or share to others.


What gifts are included in the package ?


Try any postures that you think are crazily wonderful:



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Data sheet

4.6ft / 140cm
26kg / 57lbs
71cm / 28 inches
52cm / 20 inches
79cm / 31inches
18cm / 7 inches
15cm / 6 inches
Package size
132*40*29 cm

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Excellent quality. Both holes feel like the real thing. Highly r

Doll received just as requested and shipping box was in great shape, which was a concern. She was custom ordered and arrived in just 1 week. She’s used just for posing but she appears well built and hopefully won’t be walking out any time soon.


Best Girl !

She is so lifelike. I just bought, and I'm so happy. Easy to move and easy to clean; she's my perfect doll. EASYLOVE is the only retailer that has the dolls I enjoy.


Exactly same as the videos !

Received it today ! It was intact without labels on the package, thank you for doing this. The small breast is lifelike, i love it very much !

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OMFG it feals soo real

She's pretty. And she came with the wig too. i cant believe how real she feels XD

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fantastic feel !

Very tight and natural pussy, fantastic feel !


EASYLOVE trusted doll

This EASYLOVE doll is beautiful and artistic. She's a dream boat! :) Better than expected,a real gem.


Very nice small breast

This small breast doll is the best one i like, very realistic vagina. The package had some Deformation, fortunately the doll come without damages. We advise you to pack it with wooden box.


Good quality doll

The doll was made high quality TPE material very soft super real.


Fuking doll

The package arrived very nice ! the doll is so real that i can't believe it. Now i can have pleasure with no awkward.


I can't begin to imagine

I can't begin to imagine or understand why these aren't more popular, or better yet more recommended to both singles and exciting couples! I'm lucky enough to be in a relationship however I'm living away from my fiance and this small doll has been the a real life saver! Everything about her is awesome and well worth the price.


Perfect cure for lonliness and fantasies

Not something you can keep in the corner of your bedroom on a blanket box, you need space for her to be stored, or a spare bed/matress where she lives. If ever you have rental inspection, I recommend not leaving her sitting at the kitchen table in her sexy lingerie from the night before... :p The finished quality of the skin and facial features is genuinely surprising and well worthy of the price. Speaking of price, this is my 2nd doll, the 1st was a cheaper option from an overseas supplier and it was bloody awful. First insertion my **** ran into the skeleton/frame and could have cut me. Not happy. Thankfully EASYLOVE is made right and has all the right aspects of what I wanted in a personal and satisfying product. Only downside for me is the weight and storage space needed for her, then again the mass she has adds to the realistic experience.


Every man's necessities

I love the texture of this doll so so much , it is very soft and smooth, well make with nice quality, it dose make you satisfied, if you are a single men, you need this every night before you get into sleep, if you have a girl friend, you will need to feel the different between the doll and your girl fd hh~!!!!


professional seller

The face is pretty and lips are soft and full. Everything about the doll is high quality. This is me and my wife's first doll. We got it to spice up our 18 year marriage and to live out some threesome and girl on girl fantasies. Great way to get you both to giggle like you were new to each other again. Guys don't be afraid to talk to your other about getting one, women are more curious than you think . My wife was touching it before I could lol..This doll is going to be a lot of fun:-)



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