Small Breast Blonde Real Love Sex Doll EL011

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  • Real skin feel/very soft just like a real girl.
  • Full material Silicone+TPE, not blow up sex dolls.
  • Built-in metal skeleton with joints on hands and feet.
  • In discreet,no "sex" words print on packages . 
  • Your privacy is the firstly important to be protected.
Foot Function
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All dolls we offer are made of high quality silicone + TPE material,Not a cheap blow up doll ( inflatable doll ).Rest assured to buy.Sex dolls can provide you with all the same joys that your spouse or partner may offer you in your bedroom.There are times when your spouse or partner is not always available, when you want action in the bedroom.Therefore,the best solution is to have it with a Silicone Companion.We will work with you from start to finish to ensure you get your dream doll.

Optional suitable size as you like: 

Optional colors of eyes:


Optional skin colors for you to choose:


The built-in vagina is better if you want her more natural; The insert one (removable) can be changed for others to use or share to others.


What gifts are included in the package ?


Try any postures that you think are crazily wonderful:



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What you see is what you get, & it's quite nice

What is pictured is what arrived, very appealing compliment to a 158cm body just to change things up.


Far surpassed my expectations.

The product and the company far surpassed my expectations. The doll is very lifelike in appearance and feel I was hesitant at first but now I am so happy I found the right people and the right company to do business with. I recommend these people and the product 100%


Great product

Great product ! slim and light weight.


Sexy body 5 stars

The small doll arrived , very beautiful face n sexy body, love it.


All good.

All good. Nothing of any concern experienced.


Excellent product

I use the doll as a companion to hold while I sleep. This helps me rest easier at night. The doll holds temperature well, which I find nice to keep me cool or warm depending on what I prefer. I have given up on trusting a woman as a companion in my life, as they have continuously let me down with dishonesty and selfishness. This is enough for me as a better choice of having to worry about dealing with false abuse accusations, dangerous and violent stalker types that I have experienced too many times, and the possible leading to a marriage that would just end in me having to pay half or more of what I worked for in my life to someone who never earned any of it, when they get bored or have an itch and divorce to look for some greener pastures. The western culture has made the decision to consider unfaithful and immoral means empowerment, so I will refuse to partake and live my life without the stress, with a well made representation that gives me all of the companionship that I need. Thank you for this option and the quality put into it.


I enjoy her most of all

I've had flesh-jacks, I've had blow up dolls, but this surpasses them all by light years! The sheer weight of this one is an awesome sign of a quality made doll. Her arms and legs are solid, the detail and finishing touches are awesome. I enjoy her most of all on her knees in a bent over position, often going between her ***** and *******. What's great is you can configure her limbs into any position you want that's realistic, even beyond what's possible like turning her head past 180¼ to see the details of her face while she's a bent over position. Shipping and delivery were both easy and a pleasant experience. I'm able to store her in the provided blanket under my bed which works out well. Just be careful lifting her around as the skin can mark, plus she's considerably heavy anyone with a bad back like me, lift with your legs lol!


highly recommend

I highly suggest you get rid of your currnt girlfirend the next time she slips up, save up a week or two of dating expenses and GET YOURSELF a doll! It's the bets money I've ever spent! She is amazing to look at, let alone touch and don't get me started about how amazing she is when it comes to getting intimate!


Very Satisfied with it !

After use, you'll be as satisfied and drained as I was, wondering why in the world these dolls aren't more popular. In my honest opinion, I think one day every man will have or have had a *** doll in their home at some point


Finally got my doll!!

Finally got my doll!! She is so much beautiful in person. I haven't even tried to use her yet I want to buy her some clothes first for role playing. I already have lots of plans with my doll and I'm so excited! Thank you EASYLOVE for your great service! I truly recommend this website if you are going to buy a doll :)


perfect substitute to the real thing !

it's the perfect substitute or cure for a break up! ..Or perhaps a drought in the dating life! Either way she goes great and I highly recommend getting her to anyone that's reading..


I love it

I love it, exactly as advertised, very pretty, very sexy, very fulfilling. She is great in bed, in any position, whether 69, one of our favorites, dogie style, missionary style, you name it.


Boyfriend love it !

My boyfriend like it very much, it's very sexy and beautiful. Best thing is no extra charge for me and reach my home a little late about 7 days.


So real and good quality !

So real and good quality !


Always use lots of lube. Clean your toy

Nice fun toy love the soft feel of the material. Great size for discreet durability is good .I would definitely buy again grate product.


very pleased !

I am very pleased with the doll (my honey). She looks nice, and very pleasing. The quality is above expectations. The face is put together very well. I would defiantly buy again.



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